Monday, May 2, 2011


I have been a  'Googler' for the past many years. For each and every thing, no matter whether it is a silly doubt or a difficult problem, there was always somebody out there with the same 'problem' and amazingly there was also another person with a solution exactly for that! That's the power of community based development.

I believe that all of us who have benefited from this community service also have inherited the responsibility to give it back when ever you have something worth sharing. As we develop software most of us would have found solutions for many problems and it must be lying somewhere in your hard disk forgotten. Those might be 'simple stuff' to many out there, but will definitely be 'valuable' to at least a few beginners.

So I decided to find a place to 'dump' all my snippets and I narrowed in here. Now I need a name for my blog. Well, I decided to choose Tech Mentis as a name. Wondering what on earth this Mentis is? Don't worry, it's just the Latin name for mind :-). Wasn't that simple?

Enough of bootstrapping, let me make this a bit useful now.

Thanks for reading,
James Poulose

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